The Manhattan Projects

If you haven’t read these books yet and you are into to science fiction graphic novels, this is definitely one to get. The story centres around some of the most progressive scientists who changed the world and pushed the boundaries of science for good or bad. Oppenheimer, Einstein, Richard Feynman, Enrico Fermi and many others.

This tells the story of the kind of disturbing things these guys did in the name of the cold war. The story arc follows through from the first book with individual cases punctuating the narrative. With a little bit of googling you should be able to keep up to pace with the story and characters and ‘get’ some of the historical references as they add to the characters and the sense of setting.

I didn’t find the narrative difficult to follow and anyone who likes to read and even a flimsy grasp on history, as I have, will enjoy the dark tale of what men will do to elevate themselves to gods and the thin line between genius and madness.

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