Return of the Dapper Men

Return of the Dapper Men by Janet Lee and Jim McCann

I love graphic novels. Whether they be some progressive thinking from Moore/Ellis, noir grit and crime from Brubaker/Busiek, superheroes from Marvel/DC or the Verigo and indie humour and oddities. I’d heard the hype surroundings this book and everyone banging on about the ‘whimsy’ and beautiful art work.

I couldn’t disagree more! It’s written by someone who obviously think their banal statements are profound and the artwork is a shabby knock-off of Jamie And The Magic Torch. I’m the type of reader where once a graphic novel grips me I’ll finish it on my daily commute but I just found this hard work and boring!

It’s like the writer has thought he would become some sort of canonic mainstay in the fantasy genre occupied by Wizard Of Oz, His Dark Materials and the like but has just pulled out a contrived and boring story that disappears up its own spine. I deplore you to ignore this and spend money on something else. Take a punt on one of these titles instead and I’ll guarantee you’ll be rewarded: Chew, Unwritten, Manhattan Projects, Saga, Morning Glories…there is so much good stuff out there so don’t believe the hype!

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