My First Rap LP

When I was a kid back in the early 80’s, I heard a few rap/hip-hop tracks but this was the first album I was given. I bought a blank C60 tape and gave it to my friend Simon. Unfortunately Simon passed away at a very young age in a car accident – not even 13 – but I remember this album vividly as it was in essence the first album I had. Thanks Simon Northend, wherever you are.

Still sounds so fresh and varied compared to the modern albums. These guys were the true innovators and everything on here is produced with blood, sweat and funk. The lyrics are effortless, the rhythms are funky, organic and the whole thing is danceable and infectious even today.

The posturing and posing in those days were all metaphorical not like those crass wannabe gangsters like Kanye West and such fools who care of nothing but material possessions, guns, violence and status.

Buy this album if you want a slice of what rap music is really all about.

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